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Hey everyone! My name is Rachel Hardesty, co-owner of the LFB. My sister-in-law, Claire Joiner, and I are so excited about the start up of our newest endeavor, The Little Farmer Boy Boutique! We are beyond thankful for all of the love & support we've been given since beginning this new journey. Along with our boutique, we are excited to launch our first of many blog posts! With our blog, we will be able to tell you more about us, our families, the boutique, and most importantly, our little farmer boys!


A few of our little farmer boys (Cason, Jaxson, and Brody) during a quick photo shoot for the H&R Case IH calendar. If you have the 2021 calendar, check out these little Mr. Novembers ;)


As I mentioned, my name is Rachel Hardesty. I'm married to Nathan, who is co-owner & operator of the family farm, Hardesty Farms. Together, we have two boys, Jaxson & Hayden. I have recently become a stay at home mom with our boys to better juggle our busy life, take care of our family, and now help run The LFB!


Nathan & the boys during Harvest


Jaxson & Hayden during the holidays

Our most recent family picture during Hayden's newborn photoshoot back in June


My sister-in-law, Claire Joiner, is married to Logan Joiner. They have one boy, Brody, with another (surprise gender baby!) on the way! Claire currently works as the attendance secretary at Union County High School and Logan helps manage and run Bickett Farm Tiling Company. Claire has grown up on the farm her entire life, helping her family when needed and truly believes farm life is the best life!


Logan, Claire & Brody at Logan & Claire's wedding reception last summer

Brody checking the corn during 2020 Harvest

Claire & Brody


I will give Claire the credit in pitching the idea to start up The LFB. This was an idea that sparked a couple of years ago, and with Claire's persistence, we now own & operate, The Little Farmer Boy Boutique!

Where did, The Little Farmer Boy, name come from? I will take the credit for this one! It was actually pretty easy! Our boutique is named after our little farmer boys since they were our inspiration to start this journey. Having all boys (for now at least) in our family we quickly learned about our addiction to buying children's clothes to dress our boys up. However, it can be challenging, and sometimes pricey, buying new children's clothes! Which is one reason we decided to start this boutique, to provide our friends & family with an easy way to find affordable, unique, one-of-a-kind clothes for their children. We offer clothes to fit a variety of styles, for boys & girls, from babies to toddlers, and even for moms & dads from time to time! Most importantly, we started this journey for our boys, as a way to include them in our busy work lives. You know the saying, "Do what you love, and you'll never work another day in your life." Well, here we are :)


I may be biased, but I'd say we have some of the cutest little boys to

model our clothes too ;)


The Little Farmer Boy Boutique can be found on Facebook or online at We are currently active on our Facebook page and website, updating both frequently with new clothing. Our Instagram page is in the works! :) We are very easy to contact if anyone ever has questions or if you are looking for anything in particular. Our contact information can be found on our website.

As for now, we want to thank everyone for their support of the LFB. We look forward to growing our business and providing our community, friends, & family with the newest styles in children's clothing!

- Rachel

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